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MESA Community Portal

This site is offered to the MESA community as a user driven web portal, complementing the official MESA web page at sourceforge, to share information, resources, and tools.. This is where you can give back to the MESA community and deliver on the hopes expressed in the MESA Manifesto that Open Source will be matched with Open Knowledge. For example, if you have figured out how to do something with MESA, here is the place to share your insight  so that the next researcher can build on what you did instead of reinventing the wheel. Maybe we can then solve more problems in stellar astrophysics faster and better - how cool is that? 

  • Inlists of Published Results: post your inlists and other MESA relevant material along with an abstract and link to your paper.
  • Tools and Utilities: share your visualization tools or analysis utilities.
  • Teaching materials: share your MESA oriented teaching and outreach efforts.

We encourage you to post and edit your content! The best way to get help and questions answered on anything MESA related is to send am email to 

Signing up

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