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MESA User Forum and Web Presence

This site is offered to the MESA user community by the MESA Council. It is intended to work as a user driven web space complementing the official MESA web page at sourceforge, to share information, build community resources, upload third-party tools and project descirptions, including inlists and HowTo's. This is the place where you can give back to the user community and deliver on the hopes expressed in the MESA Manifesto that Open Source will be matched with Open Knowledge. In particular, this could mean that if you have figured out how to do something with MESA, here is the place to share your insight, so that the next researcher can build on what you did, instead of reinventing the wheel. Then, maybe we can solve more problems in stellar astrophysics faster and better, how cool is that?

Elements of this page

For a start we are providing three elements on this page:

  • the Forum has been discontinued, instead address all of your questions to the mesa-user email list. 
  • a directory FAQ & tutorials: Documentation, information complementing the official instructions provided on the main MESA page. Includes Q/A for how to add 'Published results & inlists'
  • a directory Published Results & Inlists: Here you provide technical support material, e.g. inlists, some images and a short description of results, maybe the abstract of a submitted paper.The provided information serves the purpose to advertise your work, help other researchers with related projects, and showcase the capabilities of MESA.
  • Tools & Utilities: share your tools for visualization, and your utilities that help you make more efficient use of MESA


This User Forum is semi-moderated. We encourage users to take initiative to add and edit your content, create a new conversations in the forums. MESA Council members will irregularly monitor this web page with the goal to ensure the highest long-term user benefit.


Signing up

We have disabled self-registration. Any new registrations will be manually by sending a message to In order to be registered on this forum you must be on the mesa-users mailing list. We may remove users that we are not registered on mesa-users mailing list.