Pre-MS models

Archive with all pre-MS models used for MS evolution of Pop III stars. Also includes pre-MS model for 120 solar mass, solar metallicity model. To reproduce metallicity study at 120 solar masses, read in either 120 solar mass pre-MS model and use the following lines in &star_job: load_saved_model = .true. saved_model_name = '120z0_prems.mod' relax_Z = .true. new_Z = [some new metallicity] set_initial_model_number = .true. initial_model_number = 0 save_model_number = 1 save_model_filename = '120z[new metallicity]_prems.mod' and then restart by reading in the new save_model_filename and commenting out these additional lines.

prems_models.tar.gz — Tar archive, 2397 kB (2455245 bytes)