Technical details

Comparison cases for low-mass stars.

The paper includes a comparison of Victoria and MESA codes for two masses:

  1. M=0.8 Msun, [Fe/H]=-2, Y=0.25 evolution from the pre-MS to the RGB tip.
  2. M=1.1 Msun, [Fe/H]=+0.3, Y=0.30; same evolution as above.

These models were evolved with or without diffusion/gravitational settling.  In case 1, three cases were considered, (i) no diffusion, (ii) He diffusion, and (iii) diffusion of He and metals.  In case 2, only (i) and (ii) were considered.  The results of these comparisons are described in section 3.1 and shown in Figures 1, 2, and 3 of the paper.

NOTE: MESA r3168 was used to compute the tracks shown in the paper.