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epsilon-Mechanism Triggering Gravity Modes in Rigel?

Based on a consistent models calculated by MESA, we could explain the observed long-period variabilities in Rigel (and possibly other BA-type supergiants) in terms of g-modes destabilized by epsilon-mechanism.

OSC model file

This is the original file used in the publication. This certainly resolves the thin hydrogen burning shell, where the g-mode excitation comes from.

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This inlist generates a consistent model of Rigel that meets several observed properties of this star, and saves a high-resolution model as an OSC format to be used as an input for seismic studies. The main feature of this model is that to meet the observed abundances of He4, C12, N14 and O16, I had to use am_nu_factor = 2 whereas it is set to 1/30 by default (see section 3 in Heger et al. ApJ, 2000, 528, 328).

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