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Lab work-directories for the pulsation block and the corresponding lecture slides


Tar-gzipped work directory for Minilab1 : Nonadiabatic HADS pulsations using GYRE as standalone.

pls1.tgz — Tar archive, 1062 kB (1087753 bytes)


Tar-gzipped work directory for Minilab2: Nonadiabatic classical Cepheids with tight GYRE coupling to MESA.

pls2.tgz — Tar archive, 204 kB (209830 bytes)


As the title says: Read me first, and everything will be clear

ReadMe.1st — Octet Stream, 385 bytes


Tar-gzipped work directory for Maxilab: Nonadiabatic TypeII Cepheids with GYRE tightly coupled to MESA.

pls3.tgz — Tar archive, 6097 kB (6243601 bytes)

TA Guide

Some hints for TA's for this lab

ta_guide.pdf — PDF document, 74 kB (76531 bytes)


The slides that go with the Pulsation block, motivating the topics, and showing results of the computations.

LectureAFG.pdf — PDF document, 29708 kB (30421140 bytes)