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MESAFace is a Mathematica-based GUI for easily plotting MESA results.
Download MESAFace1.2.2 here

Download Example MESA Results:

[mass=1.0] (72mb, zipped)
[mass=5.5] (50mb, zipped)


MESAFace is a Mathematica-based GUI for easily plotting MESA results. The screenshots give the best idea of how it works.



The script is simple enough to open and run (after changing the data directory). There are instructions in the Mathematica file, or for more information, visit this page.

A detailed paper which describes the code can be found here: And a user manual can be found at :

By Maurizio Giannotti, Michael Wise, Aaron Mohammed

Version 1.0 (8 - 3 - 12): Initial MESAFace release
Version 1.1 (8 - 7 - 12) :
--Offset implemented for both x and y axes in profile and history plots. Allows user to change the "zero" of the plot to a relative position. i.e. Setting the beginning of helium burning as time 0.
--Operate functions on data, such as logs or reversing axes, from the menu field "Show".
--Labels of axes now display more information, such as the current units, the offset, or operations on data.
--Uses a smarter way to load the files.
--Can download log files directly from the internet.
Version 1.1.1 (8 - 22 - 12) : Includes a few minor changes.
 --Improved code to write the labels.
 --Corrected code to write the top label in the History Plots. Now it locates the mass and metallicity in star.log rather than assuming their position. In this way it works with any version of MESA.
 --Now, the functions (example: log or power) are applied to the data after, not before, the scaling factors are applied. Before it was the opposite. For example, if one axis is set to age in Myr (rather than the default unit, yr) and you apply the log to that axis, MESAFace shows log[age in Myr]. In the previous version it would have shown 10^-6*(log[age in yr]).
 Version 1.2 (9 - 7 - 12) :
-- Includes a routine to purge star.log. Starting from the end of the file, the code looks at the model number (n) of every line of star.log and removes every previous line with model number >= n. As a result, this purge removes unwanted lines from restarts of runs. 
--The first script reports more information about the progress while downloading and organizing the files.
 Version 1.2.1 (9 - 10 - 12) :
--<<To be filled in (see Mathematica file for changelog)>>
 Version 1.2.1 (10 - 10 - 12) :
--When the +/- buttons for the star age slider and the start/end point sliders are pressed, the values now change by one step at a time. This makes it much easier to select a specific model or zoom to a specific (allowed) point.