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Demos, examples, and howto for NuGrid's module that provides a profile and a historydata class.
Last update: July 7, 2016 - NuGridPy is now available on GitHub: The version is compatible with python 2 and 3 via the futures package.
Image Profile demo nugrid's
start a profile instance for nearest cycle number and plot one profile column against another by name
The most important features of the history_data class in Plot HRDs, Kippenhahn diagrams etc.
An example using
Image NuGrid's kip_cont example
m2 is a history_data instance, then m2.kip_cont(modstart=10900,modstop=12400,ixaxis='age', xres=5000,yres=2000,ylims=[0.55,0.60]) produces this plot. As always, check the doscstring to check for more options. Thanks to Sam Jones for providing this method. tutorial on YouTube
Thanks to Christian Ritter for putting this up.