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Tools for reading in MESA data files (profiles and histories) into a useful structure for analysis and easy plotting with Tioga.

Example Plotting Script

Sample Tioga plotting script of an HR diagram using MESA_Reader tools to simplify data acquisition.

Example Plotting Script - Read More…

sample result

That is fantastic. I do not qualify as a programmer (even though I have experience with programming spread over a large time span and several codes) and have spent a significant portion of the last 24 hours trying to prepare (by analyzing & modifying existing scripts) a simple default script to use with Tioga/Ruby in displaying various data from the file. I copied sample_plot.rb & MESA_Reader.rb into my working directory and obtained immediate result using the command --> tioga sample_plot

sample result - Read More…

MESA_Reader Repo

Link to the MESA_Reader GitHub repository. This is the most up-to-date version of MESA_Reader and its documentation. Feel free to fork off this repo and submit any changes you see fit!

MESA_Reader Repo - Read More…